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IOF Ski Orienteering Event Advisers' Clinic 2015 NOR

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This Event Advisers’ Clinic is organised for the education and recruitment of new IOF licensed Ski Orienteering Event Advisers and organisers. National federations are asked to identify and enter suitable candidates.

********* Outline of the Clinic *********

Organiser: IOF Ski Orienteering Commission
Date & time: 12-14 February 2015
Detailed program will be distributed to participants after registration.
Clinic site: Event centre for WSOC 2015.
Course objectives and requirements: The main objective of this IOF Clinic is to prepare participants to be licensed Ski Orienteering Event Advisers.

The requirements for licensing are:
1. Be an active ski orienteer.
2. Have competed in countries other than your own.
3. Have controlled or played a major part in the organisation of National or International standard SkiO events in the last 3 years.
4. Be competent in the English language.
5. Have attended, and have been an active participant in, an IOF SkiO Event Advisers’ Clinic.
6. Be familiar with the IOF Rules and other relevant publications.
7. Be recognised as an expert in SkiO and endorsed as suitable by your Federation.

Clinic content:

• Understanding of the task of an IOF Event Adviser
• Critical points for a successful event
• Review of updates of the IOF rules, other supporting documents and main current requirements for international competitions

The course will include examples of best practise from major events and group exercises. The clinic will also include field work, critical assessment of WSOC 2015 competitions, participation to team leaders meeting and observation of jury work.
Accommodation See WSOC bulletins.
Travelling: Hamar is located 90 km from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. All competitions will be at Budor Ski Arena, 20 km from Hamar.

Material: The following IOF publications will be used at the clinic:
• Competition Rules for IOF Ski Orienteering Events
• International Specification for Ski Orienteering Maps
• IOF Event Adviser and Organiser Guidelines related to World Ranking Events and IOF major events.

All materials are available on the IOF website,, and shall be read through beforehand.
If possible, please bring with you some map examples of ski orienteering events in your home country. Please also make sure to have some sports equipment and clothing for outdoor activities with you.

Course leader: Juraj Nemec and Roland Hellberg, IOF Ski Orienteering Commission

For any questions about the clinic program, please contact:
Language: English
Deadline for entries: 15 January 2015
Minimum number of participants is 6.
Entry & enquiries: Please send your entry by email to Riikka Tolkki,
Any clinic related enquiries can be sent to the same address.

Note the requirement for endorsement for future event advisors by the federation. It is generally best if the delegate

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