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Invitation to IOF MTB Orienteering Event Advisers' and Organisers' Clinic

Di seguito pubblichiamo notizia della IOF relativa al seminario "IOF MTB-O Event Advisers".

This Event Advisers’ and Organisers’ Clinic is organised for the education and recruitment of new IOF licensed MTB Orienteering Event Advisers and the education of MTBO organisers.

National orienteering federations are asked to identify and enter suitable candidates.

***** Outline of the clinic *****

Organiser: IOF MTB Orienteering and Rules Commissions

Date & time: Saturday 18 October 9:00 – Sunday 19 April 13:00

Clinic site: Prague, Czech Republic

Course objectivesand requirements:

The main objective of this IOF Event Advisers’ Clinic is to prepare participants to be licensed IOF MTBO Event Advisers

The requirements for Event Adviser licensing are:

1. Be an active MTB orienteer.

2. Have competed in countries other than your own.

3. Have controlled or played a major part in the organisation of National or International standard MTBO events in the last 3 years.

4. Be competent in the English language.

5. Have attended, and have been an active participant in an IOF MTBO Event Advisers Clinic

6. Be familiar with the IOF Rules and other relevant publications

7. Be recognised as an expert in MTBO and endorsed as suitable by your Federation.

Course content: • Understanding of the task of an IOF Event Adviser

• Deeper understanding of the nature and each format of MTB orienteering (long, middle, sprint, relay)

• Understanding of the IOF rules and requirements for international competitions

The course will include discussion on the mapping and course setting aspects of Monday’s Middle distance race.

Accommodation & meals:

Participants are expected to have accommodation and meals arranged individually. Organisers will advise, if required.

Saturday lunch is included in the clinic entry fee.

Travel: To be arranged individually. Prague is easily reachable within Europe.

Material: The following IOF publications will be used at the clinic:

• Competition Rules for IOF MTB Orienteering Events

• International Specification for MTB Orienteering Maps, ISMTBOM

• The Leibnitz Convention

• MTB Orienteering Event Advisers’ Handbook

• MTB Orienteering Organisers’ Guidelines

• Event Advisers Handbook for World Ranking Events

• Jury Guidelines

• IOF Protocol Guide

The above material is available at the IOF website and shall be read through beforehand.

Course leader: Sandor Talas (Chair IOF MTB Orienteering Commission, member IOF Rules Commission)

Language: English

Deadline for entries: By 30 September 2014, minimum number of participants is 6.

Entry & enquiries: Please send your entry by email to

Any enquiries can be sent to the same address.

Note the requirement for endorsement by the federation. It is generally

best if the delegate sends the form to the federation who endorse it and send it to

The entry fee is EUR 30. This should be paid on arrival or in advance.

An invoice can be sent if required.

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